What height should the seat of bar stools be?


Backless plywood Bar stools and wooden counter stools come in countless styles, shapes, sizes, finishes, fabrics and prices. After selecting the size required and the quantity needed, there are still many decisions to be made. Here are a few tips to help with the selection process.

Counter height stool seats range from 24-29 inches from the floor and are perfect for kitchen counters or tables that are about 34-39 inches high. A bar stool seat is about 30-36 inches from the ground and is perfect for counters or bars that are 40-46 inches from the ground.

Bar stools come in three standard variations based on the back height:
Backless: Easily tuck under your counter, but less comfortable the longer you sitLow back: Short or mid-height lip for a bit of support, and tend to skew modernFull back: Akin to dining chairs (aka the most comfortable for daily meals)

Styles with arms are available with low or full backs and often taper so the stools can be pushed in. Swivel bar stools make maneuvering in and out easy and come in all back options.

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